Meet Noel Foy: Founder of AMMPE™ Neuroeducational Consulting

What led to AMMPE™?

It all started by connecting the dots. A fervor for learning and helping others reach their potential led Noel to a career in education as a teacher, Learning Specialist and Neuroeducational Consultant who now provides professional development workshops for educators, parents, athletic coaches and businesses as well as one-on-one support to clients. The diagnosis of a family member with Post Concussion Syndrome sparked a passion in brain research. This sequence, combined with life experiences as a parent, led to Noel’s evolution as a Neuroeducator, the founding of AMMPE and “Neuro Noel.”

In all realms of Noel’s work, she listened to teachers, coaches, parents and business managers lament that their students, players, children or co-workers lacked consistent focus, self-direction, self-regulation, resilience and engagement, despite best efforts to instruct or support them. Especially challenging were those with anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD or whose efforts and results didn’t reflect their true potential. AMMPE is Noel’s response to these challenges and fulfills her vision of bringing Neuroscience findings about how the brain learns best into everyday environments with simple, practical and immediate applications that decrease stress, build underdeveloped skill sets and maximize brain function, learning, motivation and performance.

Dedicated to improving the quality of learning experiences and changing lives for the better, Noel helps her clients set and reach goals that reflect their true potential in school, athletics, jobs and life.

Noel Foy, Founder

As a Neuroeducator, Neuroeducational Consultant, Author of ABC Worry Free and founder of AMMPE, Noel’s mission is to help teachers, parents, coaches and students use the Neuroscience of learning to their advantage in quick, user-friendly ways. For over 35 years, Noel has served as an educator in various capacities—classroom teacher at Landmark School, Learning Specialist at The Roxbury Latin School, Adjunct Professor for American International College and Professional Development Trainer for Keys to Literacy. Noel received her B.A. in Education/Special Education and her M.A. in American Studies from Boston College. She has certification to treat anxiety.