Stress Less

Cultivating a safe yet challenging environment that decreases stress and fosters positive emotional connections is key, as stress interferes with learning, memory, behavior, executive function and performance.

Work Smarter

Be empowered with strategies that maximize your efficiency, learning potential, receptivity to feedback, ability to rebound from mistakes and face new challenges.

Achieve More

Discover how to sync your brain and body so you can think, learn, process and perform at your peak.

Neuro Noel empowers her clients with strategies and skill building to decrease stress and maximize learning, grit, resilience, self-esteem and performance.



Based on the latest research findings of how the brain responds best, our interactive workshops are full of immediate, practical applications to manage anxiety/stress and boost engagement, learning, resilience, executive function and performance. Workshops can be customized for: teachers, administrators, counselors, learning specialists, parents, students, coaches, athletes and business professionals.

1 on 1 Coaching


Neuro Noel provides individualized support for: anxiety, stress, executive function and growth mindset. Sessions focus on key information about the brain and skill building activities/strategies on HOW to stress less, learn more, interrupt unhealthy patterns of thinking/doing and manage challenging situations.



Know someone who struggles with anxiety? ABC Worry Free offers kids and adults a relatable story and actionable approach to managing anxiety-provoking situations. Neuro Noel’s YouTube channel offers videos on the ABC Strategy and breathing techniques, which aim to calm the brain and body so you can reset and move forward.

“Noel stresses the importance of having a growth mindset, taking responsibility for your goals…and a willingness to work hard and overcome obstacles on your personal path to success.”

John T.

Why a neuroeducational approach?

It's how the brain likes to learn


It’s a matter of science: when you’re less stressed, you learn more. Multi-sensory, learning-focused strategies that decrease stress and elicit positive emotional states optimize brain function, behavior and learning potential.


It boosts Executive Function and a Growth Mindset


The development of executive function and a growth mindset facilitates the ownership of learning and increases the ability to learn from mistakes and embrace challenges.



It increases engagement and performance


Peak performance starts with the brain. By cultivating a safe and stimulating environment that embeds strategies supporting how the brain learns best, students “step into the zone” and remember more of what they learn.



ABC Worry Free by Noel Foy

With the increase in anxiety, many of us are looking for tools to use in school, home and beyond to stop worry’s relentless cycle. ABC Worry Free provides a fun story and actionable approach to worry that can help children and adults process and manage everyday, anxiety-provoking situations, so they can experience more success and enjoyment in life. You can order ABC Worry Free on AmazonNational Center for Youth Issues or on our website at

We are proud recipients of the The Mom’s Choice Award® for both books!

The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

Are You A Bird Like Me? by Noel Foy

A sweet story with powerful messages about diversity, friendship, kindness, facing fears, perseverance and the amazing things that can happen when we work together, even with others who aren’t “just like us.” You can order Are You A Bird Like Me? on AmazonIndieBound or on our website at

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