Anxiety, Executive Function, Growth Mindset and/or Academic Support

Adults and Children (grade 1 up)

My 1 on 1 Coaching shows you HOW to develop essential skill sets and mindsets needed to succeed in school, relationships, jobs and life!


I support kids and adults—including those with learning disabilities, ADHD or trauma history—with tools and strategies to manage anxiety and/or build underdeveloped executive function.

Anxiety interferes with learning, executive function, mood, productivity, sleep, health, performance, behavior and overall life enjoyment, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Executive function gaps get in the way of showing what you know, putting it all together, interacting effectively with others and managing daily life, including challenges with: organizing, prioritizing, task initiation, follow through, self-monitoring and self-regulation.

If challenges with anxiety or executive function hold you back from what you need or want to do, let’s talk! I’ll help you realize your true potential by designing a customized, skill-based plan to promote development in any or all the following areas:


  • understanding how anxiety works
  • identifying and breaking anxiety’s repetitive patterns
  • what to say to anxiety (practical language, communication do’s and don’ts)
  • what to do when anxiety surfaces (how to reset and keep the “thinking brain” in charge, including mindfulness and the ABC Strategy from ABC Worry Free

Executive Function:

  • goal setting
  • planning/prioritizing
  • organization
  • task initiation
  • time management
  • working memory
  • focus
  • effort
  • cognitive flexibility
  • response inhibition
  • self-regulation 
  • self-monitoring

Growth Mindset:

  • reframing unproductive self-talk to boost effort, resilience and perseverance, even when challenges or setbacks occur


Neuro Noel 1 on 1 Coaching shows you HOW to develop essential tools needed to succeed, build confidence and achieve better results!

Colleges and employers seek many of these skills in their candidates, yet they’re not often explicitly taught in school.

Students, Professionals, and Athletes

Learn how to become strategic, empowered, metacognitive learners who approach tasks with more efficiency and confidence while developing an understanding about the brain, how to sync the brain/body with “in the moment” strategies to reduce anxiety/stress and maintain an optimal state for peak performance.


Develop a tool kit of strategies that align with how the brain likes to learn, so you can enhance your instructional practices/lesson design, positively influence the learning environment, boost performance and decrease the negative impact of stress on your teaching and students’ learning. Less time will be devoted to re-teaching and dealing with behavioral issues, so more time can be spent teaching and going deeper with learning.


Be empowered with effective ways of communicating and responding to anxiety, homework woes and behavior issues while also learning strategies that maximize executive function, self-direction and healthy emotional and social development.

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