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Do you know someone who struggles with worry? With the increase in anxiety, teachers, parents, mental health professionals and children are looking for tools to use in school, home and beyond to stop the relentless cycle of anxiety. This book provides a fun story and actionable approach to worry that can help children and adults face, process and manage everyday, anxiety-provoking situations so they can experience more success and enjoyment in life.



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What Readers are Saying…

ABC Worry Free is a quick, helpful book that should be in every classroom, household, special education resource room and counselor’s office to provide adults and students strategies to lower anxiety. This book uses clear language to help teachers and students be in the driver’s seat in how they can handle and lower their anxiety! ABC Worry Free is a game-changer!

Kelly T. | Special Educator, parent

“I am a preschool teacher and my preschoolers ask to hear this story over and over again. Noel conveys a story that every child can relate to, and brilliantly uses it to teach coping skills that transcend the story line and apply to any situation.”

Laurie Lemack | Preschool Teacher

“Neuroeducator Noel Foy hits the mark with her expert insights and practical advice. Although A.B.C. Worry Free is directed at young people, the book’s message applies to all ages. Noel’s expert guidance on the subject extends well beyond the classroom into business, athletics, and the home. A.B.C. Worry Free provides an insightful look at an important subject; I strongly recommend this book.”

David W. |  Amazon Customer Review

A.B.C Worry free is an easy, comforting, educational read for children to make the most out of their life. Fear and worry are very common in many children these days. The author has taken this subject with genuineness to make children understand that fear is a part of life and must be faced. I recommend this book to all parents with small children and it is exactly the fun kind of book, teenagers and adults would also gain plenty from reading. A must read. Good books such as this, should never be missed.”

I Recommend This Book To All Parents! 
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