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Hello Brain Changers!

Welcome to my first newsletter and what better way to kick it off than with some great news!

I am thrilled to announce that my book ABC Worry Free has just received the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®!

Parents, educators, retailers, and media sources worldwide look for the MCA seal of approval when selecting high quality, family-friendly books, products and services.

ABC Worry Free with award

This award is an honor and proof that individuals like you are interested in practical solutions to help manage stress/anxiety.

This interest has heightened with the rise in anxiety and recent pandemic, which is why I decided to start this quarterly newsletter.

My goal is to bring you helpful tips and resources, so you can train your brain in the best possible way, build better executive function and develop a resilient mindset to adapt to our ever-changing world.

As you may know, my transition from classroom teacher and learning specialist to neuroeducator began when my own sons experienced stressful, emotional states during learning. Paired with one son’s diagnosis of Post-Concussion Syndrome, this sequence set me in motion, determined to find answers.

I learned how to transform key neuroscience findings into immediate applications that decrease stress, appeal to how the brain learns best and boost performance. From there, I started Neuro Noel Consulting with the mission of empowering my clients with practical ways to help lower stress/anxiety and achieve more success at school, home, work or beyond.

Whether you’ve attended one of my workshops or are a friend, colleague or client, I appreciate you being on this brain-changing journey with me. Let me support and empower you with ways to stress less, work smarter, and enjoy more!


Quick Tip

Many folks stay stressed or anxious because they ignore two key warning signs: worried thoughts and physiological changes in their body.

To get a better handle on stress and anxiety, try these two steps:

cloudy thoughts

1. Notice your thoughts: worried thoughts can send emergency messages to your brain.

unnamed (2)

2. Pay attention to physiological changes: i.e. a fast heartbeat, muscle tension, a headache, stomachache, or sweating.

Then what? Check out my YouTube videos on breathing techniques and the ABC Strategy for next steps!

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