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With spring around the corner, the season beckons a sense of new beginnings and growth, which makes it extra fitting to announce the “birth” of my second book, Are You a Bird Like Me? It’s about a hatchling named Sky who believes her nest is the “whole entire world” — until she falls out of it!

the sky is falling bird

We can all relate to times when we find ourselves in a world outside of our comfort zone. In those times, we need to manage the uncertainty that accompanies the unknown.
From discussions with teachers, parents and professionals, the ever-changing developments of the last two years have led to an increase in stress/anxiety at work and the prevalence of more behavior issues in school and at home, particularly in regard to anxiety and lack of self-regulation.

Consequently, mental health literacy and anxiety/stress management skills are more important than ever for kids and adults.

This is where I can help.

I provide schools, families, and businesses an understanding of anxiety/stress. Through workshops, keynotes, and one-on-one coaching, clients learn practical language to talk about anxiety/stress and productive responses to manage it.

Additionally, I find storytelling an approachable and playful way to tackle uncomfortable or complex topics. In ABC Worry Free, I provide readers a relatable story and actionable approach to curb anxiety’s vicious cycle. In Are You a Bird Like Me?, Sky meets a diverse group of friends who help her discover a world beyond her nest and the amazing things that happen by working together.

Both books encourage productive change and the will to face fears through courage, perseverance, and friendship. Being in new environments and situations can be scary and at the same time enlightening and empowering.

I hope you find this newsletter’s tips, resources, and free downloads helpful. Please visit my website for details about my services and stay tuned to social media posts about the upcoming launch of Are You a Bird Like Me?!

Sky’s the limit!



Quick Tip

It’s hard to watch someone experience anxiety, and it’s natural to offer help and comfort.

Keep in mind, being supportive and kind is one thing; overly rescuing, protecting and reassuring is another.

It may seem that avoiding anything anxiety-provoking actually helps anxiety…in the short term it may, because the person has just dodged a trigger. In the long term, however, it makes anxiety worse.

Anxiety will jump from one situation to another.

Anxious folks need to learn how to tolerate a “bit of discomfort” when their worry shows up. When well intended folks “step in” too soon or habitually go into rescue mode, it inadvertently deprives those with anxiety of opportunities to problem solve, develop resilience and build skills.

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