For Coaches and Athletes

Reach Peak Performance and Win More with the AMMPE Skills Builder™!

Though the difference between winning and losing is often a fine line, athletics can be a bottom line business, with the bottom line being wins and losses. Much attention is given to an athlete’s physical development, but little emphasis is placed on the brain’s role in reaching peak performance. Yet, peak performance begins with the brain! The AMMPE Skills Builder equips coaches and student athletes with a process to maximize brain capacity and build underdeveloped skill sets and mindsets needed to gain an edge over the competition and produce more winning outcomes.

Why Invest in the AMMPE Skills Builder?

Learning how to use the brain to its potential can increase performance and could make the difference between winning and losing a game, making it to the postseason or maintaining one’s position on a team. Additionally, the AMMPE Skills Builder develops skill sets and mindsets needed for success beyond sports-in school, relationships, jobs and the big game of life.

What Do We Do?

AMMPE’s on-site, interactive training incorporates cutting edge brain research into practical applications that can be easily integrated into practice schedules. An AMMPE trainer formulates a peak performance plan to decrease stress and sync the body, heart and mind for maximum skill development, function and execution.

How AMMPE Skills Builder Works

Using recent Neuroscience findings about the effect of stress on the brain’s ability to think, learn and perform, we empower coaches and student athletes with an innovative process to build eight essential skills for optimal success. Not to be confused with Sports Psychologists, technological psychometric performance tools and other performance predictors and assessments, we train coaches and athletes HOW to elevate their ability to reach goals, overcome obstacles and take their game to the next level.

We achieve success by removing barriers getting in the way of peak performance with results-driven, brain boosting, strategies to maximize:


  • Priority Setting and Organizing
  • Sharpening Attention and Focus
  • Increasing Memory Capacity
  • Building Effective Communication and Collaboration
  • Increasing Mental Flexibility to Adjust Focus and Perspective
  • Boosting Self Control
  • Self Monitoring Progress
  • Establishing a Growth Mindset


Athletics is a Bottom Line Business. AMMPE™ Improves Your Bottom Line.