For Parents and Students

Decrease Stress and Facilitate Your Child’s Growth and Success

THINK BETTER                                        WORK SMARTER                                        ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS

Science has now proven that stress is a huge inhibitor to learning, relationships, behavior and well being. If your child experiences anxiety, frustration, anger, boredom or lack of relevance toward school, stress is likely getting in the way of success and making your parenting extra challenging.

Are you tired of nagging and repeating the same requests multiple times? Frustrated by your child’s whining and emotional outbursts? At a loss for how to handle homework meltdowns or difficulties with distractions and focus?

Dealing with these challenges will require a toolbox focused on skill building and strategies. AMMPE workshops and one-on-one support are here to help you develop that toolbox.

AMMPE Parents’ Toolbox: Decrease Anxiety with ABC Worry Free

If you and/or your child experience anxiety, you’re not alone. The 17% spike in anxiety over the last decade and the desire to empower parents, teachers and students with accurate information, an actionable strategy and helpful tips to manage anxiety inspired me to write ABC Worry Free.

When you and your child are anxious, you’re not in a productive emotional state to learn, communicate and perform at your best. Becoming aware of anxiety and the role it plays in your parenting and your child’s learning and performance can produce life-changing outcomes.

Our Parent Toolbox helps you use ABC Worry Free and key Neuroscience findings to your advantage, so you can remove stressful barriers to learning, communication, and well being. In one-on-one or small group settings, parents learn about:

• Anxiety—what it is and how it works
• Patterns of anxiety and how to develop a new relationship with them
• An actionable strategy for managing anxiety
• Communication/feedback tips

Parents build brains everyday and play an instrumental role in helping their children develop strong cognitive, social and emotional skills. Let us show you how to decrease stress, maximize your effectiveness and make parenting a more joyful and productive experience.

AMMPE Students’ Toolbox

Is your child stressing out, acting out or zoning out in school or at home? Does your child underperform in school, lack motivation, have difficulty overcoming setbacks/obstacles or feel challenged by homework? Many students feel this way, and when they do, they experience the impact of stress, which negatively affects their learning, memory, processing, decision making, performance and self-perception.

If this sounds familiar, your child needs to build underdeveloped skillsets and mindsets. AMMPE one-on-one support empowers students with strategies and skill building to decrease stress and maximize learning, grit, resilience, self-esteem and performance.


What We Do

We empower students from grade 1 through college (and beyond) to succeed in school and life by teaching them key skills and strategies to decrease stress and maximize learning and potential, assisting a wide range of learners—”underperformers” to high achievers and those with anxiety, ADHD and learning disabilities.

In one-on-one meetings (in person or via Skype or FaceTime), students learn how to reframe negative self talk, regulate emotions, build confidence, achieve better results and persevere through challenges, even when setbacks occur. Additionally, students learn strategies for managing stress and building cognitive, social and emotional skills, including:

• Executive Function—i.e. task initiation, attention, organization, prioritizing, memory, self-monitoring and cognitive flexibility

• Growth Mindset (including grit, resilience and character)

• Communication and Emotional Intelligence

• Mindfulness and an actionable strategy for managing anxiety from ABC Worry Free

Colleges and employers seek many of these skills in their candidates, yet they’re not often explicitly taught in school. With AMMPE parent and student support, you and your child will develop essential tools for success at home and in school, relationships, careers and life.